There’s so many great things I can say about Michael that I really don’t know where to begin. At the risk of understating things, let me just write what comes to mind. First off, my Uber profile is set to quiet, no conversations preferred. But since my second ride with Michael, I realized I’m riding with a unique and special individual. On the business side, he’s the consummate professional: prompt, polite, goes out of his way to put his customers first, very accommodating. Looking back, I haven’t seen this level of service and professionalism since I moved here from Japan. Since then I’ve always ridden with Michael and I even set my flight schedules to make sure he’s available. More than that, what I really appreciate about Michael is his friendliness, empathy, honesty, kindness and a host of other qualities that made him over several months, a friend. So riding with him now feels more like having a friend giving a lift to the airport or taking me home. Talking with him is like talking to a life coach, a therapist, and of course, a friend.

Ben T

Michael from Tesrides is everything you want in a professional driver. Great communicator every step of the way from booking to in-transit. Prompt, courteous, and accommodating. Noteworthy was the willingness to pick me up for a 2am flight arrival despite having a hectic schedule that would leave him with basically no sleep. Of course the car is the bomb but it’s Michael’s customer service that shines.

Lisa N

I use Tesrides every time I come to San Diego for business. Michael is incredibly professional and responsive – makes it easy so I can relax and think about other things, or just chat.

The Tesla ride is fun – such a nice car to ride in style – clean, comfortable and more affordable and predictable than Uber or Lyft. I like knowing my driver will be patiently waiting for me when I’m ready to head back to the airport.

Keith H

I have been riding with Michael since 2022. He has turned into my go to person when I need a ride. Before I met Michael I was at the airport trying to get an Uber and they all declined me assuming because they did not want to drive me an hour north. Then Michael came and picked me up and gave me his business card, and I’ve stuck with him since! He’s a wonderful person, has a nice ride and has recommendations on what to do in the area. I highly recommend Tesla rides with Micheal!

Riley R

Michael Tesla, as our family warmly refers to him, goes above and beyond for his clients. Because I live in a rural part of the county, I have been left stranded at the airport by other drivers, not since I’ve used Michael. Other drivers’ cars are filthy inside and out, not Michael’s. Other drivers have been beyond rude, not even helping with luggage, never Michael. Other drivers have no sense of direction and with GPS how ignorant can they be? Never with Michael. My list of accolades could go on and on and so could our conversations we’ve shared, but you get the real picture here. From warm seats to quick stops if you need it, Michael is trustworthy, honest, intelligent, and sincere. (however, he’s not on time…he’s EARLY.) He is always my go to when I need a lift to anywhere, maybe even the moon in the near future!!! Believe me, this guy rises above and beyond my expectations and they are pretty high! AND no one paid me to write these words!!!

Carey E

Tesrides is a wonderful service provider. The team is always quick to respond to my requests and able to be flexible for our family’s needs. Michael does an amazing job, and his car is always exceptionally clean. He makes the thirty to forty minute ride to the airport very easy and enjoyable. We try to use him every time we need a driver. Also, pricing is reasonable and competitive. You would be hard pressed to find a better driver as good as Michael.

Sloan N

I recently used Tesrides Car Service and was extremely impressed with their level of professionalism and attention to detail. Michael arrived on time and was courteous throughout the entire ride. The car was clean and comfortable. I was able to relax and focus on my work during the ride because I knew I was in good hands. Overall, I highly recommend Tesrides Car Service to anyone in need of reliable transportation. Thank you for making my journey stress-free and enjoyable!

Michael S

Once again we would like to send you our most sincere thanks for your car service during our last visit to Carlsbad, CA. Since we met you in December 2022, we were impressed by your professionalism, punctuality and impeccable service. The more we know you the more impressed we are by your style, the quality of your Tesla and most of all your kindness and responsible way of driving. We are also grateful for the wealth of information about the San Diego area that you gave us. You made us feel very much welcomed in your part of the world. For all these reasons we have not hesitated to recommend you to friends and family in the West and East coast. We are looking forward to our next trip to Carlsbad and to have the pleasure of your company.

Jorge G

I’m so glad I found Michael! As a regular business traveler he takes the stress out of getting to and from the airport. Early morning, or late at night he is always there for me, on time with a smile! Truly a great person and always willing to help. Also, plenty of room in his spotlessly clean Tesla for a snowboard and multiple large suitcases. Thank you Michael!

Chris E

Michael is my personal driver every time I am in San Diego.
He is very reliable and organized and always on time. He always has a clean car and is a great driver.
He has taken me to Orange County and up to LA. I highly recommend him for your travel needs.

Bob C

I’m so happy I came across Michael, now I schedule rides with him every time I’m in the San Diego area. He’s responsible, timely, safe (but not slow), and friendly. I travel a lot and wish I could find a “Michael” in every city I travel to.

James F

Finding Tesrides was an absolute blessing. Initially super impressed with the cleanliness and comfort of the ride but most importantly the convenience and reliability. Tesrides goes out of their way to accommodate for their clients. We’ve all experienced waiting too long for an uber (hoping they don’t cancel) just to find the car is small, uncomfortable and sometimes even smells bad. With Tesrides you get consistency – always clean, always comfortable, always the friendliest and just makes you feel at home. What started as a random ride became a regular call up and true friendship. I highly recommend using this ride service for all events requiring you to get from A to B reliably!

Sean E